Posted by: yuaner | January 8, 2013


来之前,当我提起我要去哥斯达黎加(Costa Rica),很多人把它和波多黎各(Puerto Rico)混淆起来。在这里先正名一下,这两个是完全不同的地区。哥斯达黎加在中美洲大陆,北接尼加拉瓜,南临巴拿马, 西靠太平洋,东望加勒比,是个独立的发展中国家。而波多黎各是加勒比海中的岛屿,是美国的属地。






12/24 arrive at SJO (图中A), go to La Fortuna area (B), stay at Posada Colonial (, dinner at Tabacon Hot Springs (

12/25 sky tram/trek tour (

12/26 cano negro boat tour ( (C)

12/27 wandering around La Fortuna, then leave to Parrita (D), stay at Cocomar Beach Residence and Hotel (

12/28 play on beach, look at little sea turtle crawling into the ocean

12/29 hiking in manuel antonial national park (E), and rainmaker (

12/30 leave to San Jose, Crocodile river, stay at Courtyard by Marriott ( (A)

12/31 back home

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