Posted by: yuaner | July 6, 2012

带着才宝看世界——拥抱落基山(二) 行程

Canadian Rockies在加拿大Alberta州,Mountain时区。



6/16飞到Calgary (YYC,图中A),扬子江自助餐,开车到Banff,宿Tunnel Mountain Resort(图中B)

6/17 Lake Moraine, Lake Louise (图中D), Bow Valley Parkway, Johnson Canyon, Upper Banff Hotspring, 吃野味,宿Tunnel Mountain Resort

6/18 Lake O’Hara (Yoho National Park,图中C), spiral tunnel, natural bridge, 到Canmore看Oh Canada Eh? Show,宿Tunnel Mountain Resort

6/19 Mt overlook, Icefield Parkway, Bow Lake, Peyto Lake, Columbia Icefield, Athabasca falls, 抵达Jasper, 宿Patricia Lake Bungalow(图中E)

6/20 Maligne Lake Cruise, Maligne Canyon, Patricia Lake泛舟, 宿Patricia Lake Bungalow

6/21 Valley of Five Lakes, Path of the Glacier Trail, Jasper Lake, Pocahontas, 宿Patricia Lake Bungalow

6/22 Pyramid Lake, Sunwapta falls, Icefield Parkway, Bow Valley Parkway, Vermilion Lakes, 抵达Calgary,石板街吃大餐,宿Blackfoot Hotel

6/23 飞回家

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