Posted by: yuaner | March 7, 2007


前几天发现,msn好几个好友的昵称都加了这个新表情,而代表这个表情的字母又不尽相同。心存好奇,就google了一把,发现这是microsoft的慈善活动。官方网站在。具体参与方法就是,先要下载msn8.1,然后在自己的昵称里加入表示non-profit organization的code。你在聊天的时候,这个图标就会显示出来。用的人越多,microsoft就要往相应的慈善组织捐更多的钱。
American Red Cross —  ready to help, code = *red+u
Boys & Girls Clubs of America —  providing a positive place for kids, code = *bgca
National AIDS Fund —  fighting AIDS, code = *naf
National MS Society —  joining the MS movement, code = *mssoc —  helping 9 million refugee kids, code = *9mil
Sierra Club —  exploring and protecting the planet, code = *sierra —  stopping global warming, code = *help
Susan G. Komen for the Cure —  finding the cure, code = *komen
UNICEF —  helping kids survive, code = *wwf
The Oxford Committee for Famine Relief– code = *oxfam
Care international — code = *care 
The Humane Society of the United States — code = *hsus
American Cancer Society — code = *acs


  1. 哦 ic了!  我还傻傻的以为, 用v8.1 msn的同学们都自动带上个"i’m"呢 …

  2. 。。。microsoft怎么你了?

  3. 这个不错啊,有趣又有意义!支持!我也去下一个~

  4. *komen, 保护women:P

  5. Thank you for sharing.
    how do they donate?
    Donate once for each MSN ID or each computer or IP?
    Or they donate many times, if u log in for many times?
    If the first is true, it is not needed to be kept for a long time, right?
    If the second is ture, we can log in back and forth to support more organizations, right?

  6. 应该是聊天的时候用才算数,你把它加到昵称里,聊天的时候就显示出来了。聊得越多,donate越多

  7. i doubt how they keep track these and calculate the donating money based on hours of msn chatting. i heard at the end, the top N organizations will get ()&*(*&&(*^&* dollars, that’s it.

  8. 我觉得不用较真吧。反正这种事情是对人对己都没有坏处的,何乐而不为呢?

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