Posted by: yuaner | April 20, 2006

Notes from a seminar

  • Make sure your past & future are your friends.
  • Do what you love and the life will follow.
  • If money talks, it can also lie.
  • Work/Life Balance is absurd; it is all life!


  1. 最后一条比较牛。问题是好多好多人enjoy life, 但是不enjoy work

  2. Interesting seminar!If you love your work, work is also part of your life~~

  3. 有joy要en,没有joy创造joy也要en

  4. hello yuaner ^_~
    from xiaowei~~~ xixixi

  5. 啥seminar,咋那牛呢~:)

  6. career center的seminar,就是告诉大家,选择自己爱的,爱自己选择的…

  7. what is love ?

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