Posted by: yuaner | October 15, 2005




  1. 忍不住又想多赞一句,网页做的好绚啊!pfpf!!!caribbean blue…………..好想也去看看….AGAIN, pfpf…

  2. shuwa mm, 为什么看不了你的blog了呢?:(

  3. 老想来你这里看flash…………我的叫我给删了。。。。某日,突然觉得玩够了,就给删了。。。。。。。。我正在建普林主页,等做好了拿出来show 一下,嘿嘿。。。

  4. 设计简洁,内容丰富 cool~~

  5. 试用google的blog search的时候找到的,路过踩一下^_^

  6. 不错不错, 很ppjj去过那么多地方, 好羡慕啊~~

  7. nice, nice, very nice~~~ 设计漂亮,内容丰富

  8. 赞! A Simple but but Elegant site!Two thumbs up :)Zhen

  9. report,IE 6.0首页的pic load不出来?firefox正常很简洁,梳理的很好

  10. 如果用IE打不开图片的话,地址栏里面"~"改成"%7e"就可以了。:)

  11. Hi, very nice site. Hope you don’t mind me being picky, but if you could make slight improvement so it’ll be more user-friendly for text-only. (Or dumb nerd that uses IE on PDA as me, occasionally..) -i- Add on the index page five small text links to the right bottom corner. -ii- Add on each page top navigation bar the "alt" texts to image links. -my best wish-

  12. to Kwon: good point! Thx!

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