Posted by: yuaner | August 17, 2005

纽约的博物馆 – 序


Met (The Metropolitan Museum of Art,大都会博物馆),

MoMA(Museum of Modern Art, 现代艺术博物馆),

Guggenheim Museum (古根汉姆博物馆),

American Museum of Natural History (美国自然历史博物馆)。


  1. Great! I’m looking forward to the next…

  2. great. looks like I’m going to cite your blog again. thanks a lot… 🙂

  3. 古根海姆很有趣吧,在电视上看过专题片,还有文字报道

  4. if you love contemporary arts, moma is definitely the best one in the states (albeit americans don’t have many good museums), comparable with tate modern in london and centre pompidou in paris.

  5. to hoop: 有趣倒不觉得,只是很有个性,很有特点。to Yuer: I hope I had been to tate modern in london, wuwu 😥

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