Posted by: yuaner | August 11, 2005


多谢大家关心~ 我现在已经好多了。我很高兴有这么多朋友关心我,支持我



  1. I knew you would get better soon and you did it! You are always the best ~~~ My best wishes to our smallx~~

  2. 抽个周末来boston玩玩?

  3. Glad to see smallx jj feel much better now:)I still feel so pity to hear you two very nice guys say goodbye to a four-year long relationship for some outside pressure. You two should be encouraged by the legend of the Cowherd and Weaver Maid.Anyway, wish jj every happiness in future^_^

  4. Hope there will be a miracle!

  5. Good to know you are feeling better. Hope you too have a happy 七夕.

  6. 祝福师姐, I hope there will be a miracle as well

  7. bless jj:)

  8. nice,add oil!

  9. cft yuaner~~~~~~有空的话,来我这边散心吧~~~

  10. 等你回来!

  11. take care yuaner…. you know i am here for you too 🙂

  12. 真的非常感谢大家,让我感觉到友情的温暖!其实塞翁失马,焉知非福。乐观一点儿看世界,一切豁然开朗。今天看到下面的话,和大家共勉:在爱与不爱之间,我选择爱。在恨与不恨之间,我选择不。在痛苦和遗憾之间,我选择忘记。留一份惦念,给曾经爱过的人吧。纵使他伤了我们的心,负了我们的情,至少我们要为自己保留一份美丽的回忆。

  13. My God.What a shock to me to finally reallize why your website was shut down.Bless you!

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