Posted by: yuaner | June 8, 2005

Blue Brain

I’m very lucky that the second day enrolled in the IBM computational neuroscience group,  ”Blue Brain" becomes famous. ( see this article ) I saw that it’s the top news on, and BBC will interview my mentor tomorrow…

The basic idea is to use "Blue Gene", the fastest computer in the world, to simulation the human brain. Well, it is not an easy task, and neuroscientists may not get any exciting results within ten years. But it is still a great news that we get started, and approach to the target! Hopefully, I will contribute a little bit to this project!

btw, someone on suggests us to work on George W. Bush’s head first, since it’s relatively simple  hoho


  1. haha~ It’s a good idea to start with Bush’s

  2. Congs, smallx jj:)That’s a great project!Recently I have been thinking of doing some biophysical research with Prof. Car in future…

  3. gxgx~so the biological world is really fascinating, haha:)

  4. It’s really interesting, the project as well as that comment regarding Bush, haha! A promising project!

  5. 我在slashdotcn.org看到这条消息的,因为懒=p中文的翻译也可以带出极客味儿来,省时省力(对于国内的科技工作者=p)

  6. 其实听着比较炫,离能模拟大脑还远着呢。不过这几天偶mentor收到N多的resume,还有人要volunteer干活的….还有radio station要请他去录节目,问的问题都是什么意识啊,以及引发的道德问题什么的,他很头疼的说,hoho

  7. I use "Blue Gene" , too.

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